Our topic for Summer term is ‘Paws, claws and whiskers.’

Our project has a Creative Development focus and enables children to develop their artistic skills and
ideas using a range of expressive and creative processes by exploring the world of domestic and big
cats. Children should be encouraged to think creatively applying their previous experiences, skills
and understanding to think of ways to care for a lost cat.
In this project we will learn about:
• Animals which are part of the cat family including domestic and big cats
• Habitats in which they live both in the home and in the wild
• The body parts of cats
• Animal care, including organisations and charities that provide animal welfare
• How to create 3D forms using modelling materials
• How to record their ideas and creativity in two and three dimensional forms
• How to sequence movements to sounds and music
• Charitable work of different organisations that care for animals
• Mark making, drawing and emergent writing
• The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences in the indoor and outdoor environment.



The websites on the left of the page, may help you to support your childs learning.



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